UPDATE: Officials respond after lead found in Tensas schools

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ST. JOSEPH, La. (KNOE) - Update: Tensas Parish school officials have responded to these developments. You can find their response attached to this article. You can click here to read it.

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

Just days before the start of school, the Louisiana Department of Health has again found lead in the water at Tensas High School and Tensas Elementary School.

DHH tested the water from 13 water sources in the schools and found six sites tested for high levels of lead or copper.

The test results come two weeks after a team from Virginia Tech also found high lead levels in the schools.

Officials with DHH told KNOE the high levels come from stagnant water, which allows lead to build inside it.

To fix the problem, DHH has recommended a three-part plan of action: more frequent flushing of the school's pipes, potential use of permanent control measures like lead filters, or the use of an alternate water source.

DHH plans to re-test the water in the near future, but says as of Wednesday, they have not set an official date.

To view the full results, click the link attached to this article.