UPDATE: Tallulah mayoral candidate disqualified from the race

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TALLULAH, La. (KNOE) - UPDATE: Antonio Wilson has been disqualified from the race for mayor of Tallulah. A judge ruled on Friday that he didn't show enough evidence to prove he had been living in Tallulah.

Antonio Wilson has been disqualified from the race for mayor of Tallulah. (Source: KNOE)

Wilson said he plans to appeal the decision, and he's willing to take it all the way to the Louisiana Supreme Court if necessary.

Below, you can read the details behind the lawsuit that was filed against Wilson.

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A lawsuit filed against mayoral candidate Antonio Wilson may prevent him from running for the position.

According to information from the Louisiana Secretary of State's website, a candidate must live in the city for at least a year before qualifying for the race.

Jann Williams-Buchanan filed a lawsuit against Antonio Wilson alleging that he hasn't been living in the city. She's also running for mayor, and said she doesn't think someone should be the mayor of a city they haven't lived in.

"To me, that's just not fair," she said. "We've been here, we've weathered the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I think at this point a statement needs to be made."

Antonio Wilson has his address listed as a property on West Askew St. in Tallulah. According to the lawsuit, a district attorney's investigation revealed that the property doesn't have water hooked up, and it isn't in Wilson's name.

Neighbors also said that the house was boarded up until a few days ago.

Wilson said that the property has been undergoing renovations for the past nine or ten months, so he's been living with family in Tallulah.

He said the property belongs to family, which is why his name isn't on it. He also said that he wouldn't be using city water even if he was living there.

"I wouldn't get water here in the city anyway because it's contaminated. So why would I get water here in the city when it's not usable water," he said.

Wilson said he has evidence to prove that he's been in the city for the required time to run for mayor. He will be pleading his case before the court Friday, Aug. 16, around one in the afternoon.