LaSalle Parish family recovering after tornado hits their homes

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LASALLE PARISH, La, (KNOE) - A LaSalle Parish family picking is up the pieces after a tornado damaged their homes.

"Probably no more than 10-12 seconds in its duration,” said Kirk Mayo. “It was so fast."

It was a scary morning for Kirk Mayo and his family. A tornado ripped through his neighborhood, leaving a tree on top of his house.

"That's where the tree went through the upper floor of the house," Mayo said.

After the fallen trees, debris, and damage, Mayo says it destroyed his yard. He says it'll all cost thousands of dollars to fix.

"Insurance coverage on the actual structure of my house will probably somewhere north of $50,000 dollars," said Mayo.

But Mayo says money isn't the issue.

"We were concerned, but we knew that nobody was catastrophically hurt," said Mayo.

Down the street, his son Jordan's house was hit hard. A roof that now sits on the ground was blown off his house. His home was nearly taken off its bricks.

"It picked it up and this was actually in the middle of the road along with that,” Jordan Mayo said. “We moved it back, but this was all the roof."

Jordan says it will probably be weeks before he and his family can move back in their home.

"Our church is giving us a place to stay,” said Jordan Mayo. “They have a small cottage over int he neighboring community. They're letting us stay there until we can get back in our house."

And because of people in their community, they say they're grateful.

"Our first responders, our sheriff's department, our fire department, our police jury have just been unbelievable,” Kirk Mayo said.

"I just learned that we live in a great place,” Jordan Mayo said. “There are great people everywhere."