La Tech and Grambling dedicate, break ground on new campus additions

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LINCOLN PARISH, La. (KNOE) - Two major additions are coming to the Lincoln Parish universities.

Grambling breaks ground on new digital library. (Source: KNOE)

On Saturday, Louisiana Tech dedicated its new Integrated Engineering and Science building, and Grambling State University broke ground on its new digital library.

Tech’s new building will house 12 brand new classrooms and more than 20 labs for math and science classes. Louisiana Tech junior Noah Phenice says it’s a step forward for his university.

"I just think it's an awesome opportunity,” Phenice says.

Phenice says it will be more than just classrooms.

"This is going to be a huge place where not only they can study, but also an environment to foster their educational experience here," Phenice says. "You can see the grand master scale of what we're doing here at Tech, and engineering is also a huge part of Louisiana Tech. We're pretty much the foundation of what goes on here at Tech. This building emphasizes all that."

Grambling State University is matching that hard work and improvement on its own campus. GSU’s new digital library and learning commons will be the first of its kind in Louisiana.

Students like Cameron Jackson say this new space fills a huge need.

"Many people needed this digital library, because sometimes we don't have access to certain textbooks,” says Jackson, junior computer science major. “They're too expensive. So the fact that Grambling took the innovative and creative move to bring this digital library and the excitement behind it, that's the beautiful part about it."

Jackson says this is another boost for Grambling's push to upgrade STEM programs.

"Now we get to dedicate those many hours to go in there, and if we have research we have to do or any technology-based things, we can easily go in and get access to that certain infrastructure. So, it's pushing Grambling to the next level."

These students from both schools say higher education in north Louisiana is pointing in the right direction.

Louisiana Tech plans to open its newest building for the upcoming winter quarter. Grambling hopes to have its library complete by winter 2021.