Martial Arts studio still kicking thanks to Zoom

Published: May. 30, 2020 at 9:57 PM CDT
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Jason Wegener of Tiger Rock Martial Arts in Monroe found a creative way to keep his students kicking while social distancing.

Wegener, the president and senior master, said he started holding training sessions through Zoom.

"Right when the whole thing started one of the first things I said in a Facebook live to my parents is we've gotta remember that our physical health obviously is important, but our mental health is really important,” Wegener said. "Being able to get in here, whether it's small groups or on Zoom and be able to interact with each other."

Though classes have resumed with limited participants and some sanitation procedures, some students are deciding to stick at home while others are coming in again. Either way, a bit of normalcy is appreciated.

“We have a fantastic four and five-year-old class and we always used to finish it with an obstacle course,” Wegener said. “A lot of that we can't do-can't do an obstacle course on Zoom. So we immediately start doing scavenger hunts...the parents began thanking us like 'Thank you for giving me one thing in my day that is something like what my child was doing.'"

Fox Bird has been practicing martial arts for four years, and in March he began his virtual training.

"I felt great about it,” Bird said. “It was, it was great that Master Wegener was still putting in a lot of effort to make sure that we were getting our training in and it shows that he cares."

Now Tiger Rock offers a virtual only membership where participants come into the studio just once a month.

"I can't see a point in the future that we're not Zoom-casting classes anymore,” said Wegener. “We've got people in here that live more than 30 minutes away. The ability for them to be able to make an in-person or a couple of in-person classes a week but also turn on a tablet, an iPod, a computer and be able to do class from home is great."

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