NELA businesses respond to Salvation Army's cry for help

The Salvation Army of Monroe is receiving many donations after Captain Jerry Casey asked for help to provide for the 56 people staying at their shelter. On Thursday, Jay Howell, owner of Peachtree Dental and Rickey Caples of Caples & Robinson Orthodontics brought food and cleaning supplies to help meet the need.

“Captain Casey asked for the community to help replenish his freezers and his pantry so Caples & Robinson along with Peachtree Dental came together,” Caples says. We're donating hams, turkeys, canned goods and we're trying to get the food supply back at the Salvation Army to the level that it needs to be.”

“We’re trying to get a backup at least a month's worth so we're a little bit shy right now but, by the way it’s going and the way this community has reached out to us, I think we're going to be just fine,” Casey says.

The Salvation Army finds cleaning supplies and meat such as ham and turkey particularly helpful.