John Podesta to Gray DC: “She closed really strong”

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NEW YORK (Gray DC) -- In a one-on-one election night interview, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair told Gray's Washington Bureau Chief Jacqueline Policastro he’s “feeling good.”

“We have built a tremendous organization and she has closed really strong,” said John Podesta.

Podesta worked to contrast the Clinton and Trump campaigns just hours before the polls closed in states across the nation.

“Hillary Clinton Wants to lift people up, versus the dark and divisive nature of the campaign Donald Trump has run from the beginning and he’s closing with,” said Podesta.

Podesta said the stakes are high in this election, and he has a message to voters who question whether or not Clinton is trustworthy.

“I personally know her…you can trust that she is going to get the job done for the American people to create an economy that is fair and that is working for everyone,” said Podesta.

The FBI isn’t recommending any charges against Clinton for handling classified information on a private email server when she was Secretary of State, but the polls have tightened in the past week.

“Director Comey’s intervention in the campaign was unprecedented. But you take 'em as they come and you move forward,” Podesta.

When asked whether or not his leaked private e-mails have had an impact on his personal relationship with Clinton, Podesta laughed.

“I don’t think so, and I don’t think she thinks so either,” he said.

“Is there anybody in America who wouldn’t have written something differently if they knew their emails would be hacked and exposed to the public,” said Podesta.

Podesta served Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in the White House. If Hillary Clinton wins the election he has plans for a different role.

“The only thing I have asked for is to take over Michelle’s vegetable garden. I’m an avid gardener…I’m not sure I can do the bee keeping though,” he said.

Podesta said he wasn’t being coy, but instead, gracious for his opportunity to serve the White House throughout the years.

“I have had the great honor and opportunity to work for two great presidents. And I have had the honor and opportunity to help elect what I believe tonight will be history making. The first women president to be elected in the Unites States,” said Podesta.

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