Update: Jody Ledoux trial expected to go into next week

Jody Ledoux (Courtesy: OPSO)
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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 News) - Update: Jurors in the negligent homicide trial of West Monroe Police officer Jody Ledoux have been sent home until Monday.

The defense, including Ledoux himself, took the stand Friday, but a disagreement over a witness kept the testimony from wrapping up and from getting into the hands of the six jurors and two alternates.

While those issues are being resolved, jurors are dismissed until next week. They will hear the remaining testimony Monday, followed by closing arguments, and then go into deliberation.

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Update: The negligent homicide trial of West Monroe Police Officer Jody Ledoux is now expected to continue into Saturday with closing arguments. After closing arguments, the case will be turned over to a jury of six and two alternates.

Besides Ledoux, who testified in his own defense, a police trainer/use of force expert took the stand. A toxicologist who did the blood work on the victim, Raymond Martinez, was also questioned.

The toxicologist was asked about whether prescription medication found in Martinez's system could cause rage or aggression.

As of early Friday afternoon, two additional witnesses were expected to still take the stand before the defense wraps up its case.

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Update: The negligent homicide trial of West Monroe Police Officer Jody Ledoux has the defendant on the stand. Ledoux is facing charges in the shooting death of Raymond Martinez outside a West Monroe convenience store in December 2014.

Friday morning, West Monroe Police Chief Jeff Terrell took the stand and was questioned about the use of deadly force, other less lethal options and the chief's thoughts on what kind of situations would require an officer to pull a weapon.

As of 11:00 AM Friday, Ledoux is testifying. The defense has asked him about what happened the night of the shooting. Ledoux has told the jury of six and two alternates that he followed his training and feels he gave Martinez every chance he could to cooperate.

He says once he saw a "silver and black object" in the newspaper bin beside Martinez, he had to fire. Ledoux says Martinez looked him in the eye and said "shoot me boy."

The defense is expected to wrap up today. Ledoux is facing negligent homicide charges with a five year prison sentence and fine if found guilty.

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It's the fourth day of the Jody Ledoux trial. Ledoux is accused of killing Raymond Keith Martinez, a homeless man, while on duty back in December 2014.

Witnesses continued to give their testimony Thursday morning and West Monroe Police Chief Jeff Terrell is expected to take the stand.

Lawyers on both sides gave opening statements to the eight person jury. The jury is to figure out if Ledoux is guilty of negligent homicide.

As of Noon Thursday, there had been 4 testimonies. One from a forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy on Martinez. Others who testified include a dispatch officer with West Monroe Police Department, a crime scene tech from the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office, and an eye witness.

A heated discussion ensued when it was revealed the witness had an active warrant for his arrest.

Topics discussed up in court ranged from surveillance video, crime scene photos, the investigation in general, and whether the eye witness actually saw the shooting take place.

Ledoux is currently on paid administrative leave until the jury decides on a verdict.