Jimbo Stephens is enjoying the day after his election night win

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BASKIN, La. (KNOE) - Judge Jimbo Stephens won a close race over Judge Sharon Marchman for a seat in the Second Circuit Court of Appeal. the race was decided by less than 600 votes. So, the day after the election, Stephens spent his day relaxing on a tractor with his grandson.

Stephens says Saturday night was stressful. The close race kept him up late, but he says the victory was well worth the stress.

"We anticipated a three percent win based on our polls, and we got four," he said.

Now Stephens is stepping into a position that no one from the fifth district has experienced before: the Second Circuit Court of Appeal.

"We had what would best be described as a grassroots campaign," he said. "We're from a small rural parish. We got our signs up. We created relationships and they turned out to be true friendships."

Stephens’ campaign started a year earlier than expected. Judge Larry Lolley retired in 2017, a year before his term was up. So, after Stephens serves the last year of that term in 2018, he'll have to turn around and campaign all over again.

"We’re going to take these few weeks to enjoy it, and then hit the campaign trail again," he said.

Until then, Stephens is enjoying his time with what he says country men love most: his family and his tractor.