Jep's Southern Roots Food Truck

Published: May. 8, 2018 at 9:19 AM CDT
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It's early afternoon in Dripping Springs. Texas.

"Ok, menu, tonight. Shrimp etouffee," said Jep Robertson, the youngest son of Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson.

On the menu tonight are BBQ chicken and mac and cheese, in addition to Shrimp Etouffee.

Jep and his wife Jessica and their 5 kids uprooted themselves from West Monroe and put down new roots just west of Austin.

"We just fell in love with the hill country, especially out here in Dripping. It's beautiful. My kids love it. It was an easy move." said Robertson.

Jep's Southern Roots is tucked neatly behind the Family Brewing Business. A brewery opened by Eunice, Louisiana native Daneel Ackles and her husband. The couple had been visiting friends in the Hill Country of Texas for more than a decade. So when Duck Dynasty and their spinoff "Growing the Dynasty" ended, it was time for something new.

"I really think that once we took that leap of faith, it was really a sound answer that we knew this is where we're supposed to be," said Jessica Robertson, Jep's wife.

Jep says it's been a dream of his to own a food truck.

"I was five years old in there rolling out biscuits with my grandmother. So I like to say I've been cooking my whole life," said Robertson, whose mother is Miss Kay. Miss Kay has authored cookbooks and even has an eatery in West Monroe on Antique Alley.

No formal culinary training for Jep but definitely some hereditary, hands on experience from Miss Kay and Phil.

"My dad cooks about 60 percent of the time. My jambalaya, etouffee, that's all my dad and my grandmother's recipes." said Robertson.

Jep's Southern Roots is a remodeled airstream. His menu features a lot of Cajun and creole dishes. But when in Texas...

"So we smoked these chickens for like five hours. We're making bbq chicken quesadillas," said Robertson as he deboned a freshly roasted chicken for the quesadillas.

For fans of Duck Dynasty, like Jeff Clark, a native of Michigan, he's looking for something that screams Louisiana. He chooses the shrimp etouffee.

"It was awesome. It was perfect. No I didn't even know what it was. I never knew how good it would be though," said Jeff Clark, a native of Michigan who lives in Buda, Texas.

"My etouffee is way different from Dad's. Me and my cousin came up with this recipe where we use heavy cream and wine. My dad says that's not etouffee but that's good," said Robertson.

"Ya'll come see us tomorrow night. We have a good Cajun band and live music," said Jessica into her cell phone, as she recorded for a social media post.

Jessica handles the social media. Jep handles the menu. Team work that's making their dream work in Dripping Springs.

"Doing this and following your dream later in life. Makes me super proud. And I want to encourage our kids and everyone to follow the dreams and take those leaps of faith and have that confidence to do what you're supposed to be doing," said Jessica Robertson.

The couple still considers West Monroe home. They say they miss family and friends a lot. Also, they say Miss Kay comes about once a month for a visit.