'It could've very well been me;' West Monroe Police investigating drive-by shooting

WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - West Monroe Police are investigating a drive-by shooting that happened Wednesday night on South Third St.

Bullet holes were found in a nearby home by South 3rd St. Source: (KNOE)

According to the arrest report, it happened because of an alleged rivalry between two rap groups.

For one man that lives in that neighborhood, the news was no surprise, but that didn’t make it any less scary for him.

“I’ve been over here about 13 years and there’s been about 14, 15 people shot...a lot of them died. I mean come on,” said Robert Mustard, who lives nearby.

Police say Philick Lyons was driving a blue Nissan down the street with Laderrick McGuire and Bryant Johnson and after circling the block four times, McGuire and Johnson started shooting at several people on the sidewalk.

Investigators interviewed Johnson and McGuire and found they had been threatening the rival group on social media and in-person prior to the shooting. They also found that McGuire had been waving his gun out of the window and threatening people.

One person was injured and sent to St. Francis Medical Center to be treated for their injuries. KNOE spoke to a friend of the family who says the victim was later transported to Shreveport for further care.

Police say one apartment in the vicinity was struck by multiple bullets.

"My neighbor lives right beside me and they had a bullet hole go straight through the kitchen," Mustard said.

For Mustard, he says he and his dog Midnight sit on the porch every day and don’t think twice about it, but today, he’s watching his back.

"I be scared to walk to the store and its day time. I'm worried right now, I don't even know if I'll make it home,” Mustard said.

All three of the suspects are being held at Ouachita Correctional Center and are charged with one count of attempted second-degree murder and one count of criminal conspiracy.