Investigators looking into why two children were found running barefoot along Hwy 2

Union Parish, La. (KNOE ) - Drivers go as fast as 70 mph along Highway 2 in Union Parish.

Some call it the most dangerous highway in the area.

Can you imagine two toddlers running along there? Well, two Farmerville women didn't have to, they actually saw it.

"And, they're just bopping up and down, and as I get closer, I realize they're children," Anita Powell, a witness said.

Without hesitation, Anita Powell said she jumped out of her car to stopped traffic. Then, she ran across the highway to get the kids.

"The little girl told me, that she was going to hear the choo-choo train. And, as I was talking to them, they're jumping up and down. I look down and they were barefoot," Powell said.

Powell said the man driving behind her pointed to where the kids came from and that he's seen them walking here alone before.

"For two little three year olds to be running headed toward Farmerville. I was in shock," Powell said.

She brought the kids back to the woman who were keeping the children at the time. Powell said she was angry, but happy the kids got back safe.

"And, I truly believe, without a shadow of a doubt, God put me here yesterday," Powell said.

This story could have had a much different ending.

"I think if timing had been a little different, we could have witnessed them two children being run over," Shari Littleton, a witness, said.

Now, a picture of Powell is floating around Facebook with thousands of shares.

Powell said she only hopes this teaches anyone taking care of kids a lesson.

"You need to keep your eyes on them at all time. They could have been picked up by some pervert or something. Anything, and it's just disheartening," Powell said.

The incident was reported to the sheriff's department. Sheriff Dusty Gates said it's now being investigated by the department of children and family services.