Influential New Orleans tourism official slams NFL refs

Published: Sep. 16, 2019 at 6:01 PM CDT
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The NFL referees are in more trouble with Saints fans after many believe another blown call killed what could have been come-back momentum.

Even an influential New Orleanian who often works with the NFL made some strong statements, leaving some worried what that will mean for the future of Super Bowls in the dome.

Things were looking a bit dim after Drew Brees went out early with an injury, but it looked like a big play could turn things around. Unfortunately, the refs blew the whistle on what should have been a live ball and Saints fan like Peggy Gautreaux said that bad call cost them the game.

“Well they messed over on us, we should have got that touch down from Cam Jordan," Geautreaux said.

Still, Geautreaux admitted we will never know how it could have affected the outcome of the game.

“It wouldn’t have won the game, but it would have still given us extra points," she said.

Even a non-Saints fan like Quinita Woodson said she thinks things look strange.

“You can’t train for the refs. You can only train for the other team," Woodson said. “It’s awful and I’m not even a Saints fan and I’m like why, why?”

Long before the game ended, Stephen Perry, President and CEO of New Orleans and Company -- the organization which helps bring conventions to the city -- vented his frustration on Facebook.

"I hate conspiracy theories. Don’t believe in them. But it is not statistically possible for some of the finest referees in the NFL to continually screw the Saints players and organization.”

He went on to say:

“As one of the NFL’s biggest fans and a frequent business partner, I am irrevocably disgusted and as much as it pains me to say......I no longer believe in the institutional integrity of the league and its employees on the field. My anger is replaced by true sadness.”

With Perry’s influential position Woodson wondered if his words will have an adverse effect.

“I don’t know if ya’ll going to get another Super Bowl to the city after that. They might take that a little personally, but he’s not wrong," Woodson said.

Even through the drama, Saints fan Jarenna Tucker said she chooses to stay positive.

“Who knows who has control. We’re doing good. We are going to win. Things happen. So keep positive vibes only," Tucker said.

Fans said the call stings even more, as this was the rematch to last year’s no-call game with the Rams, and officials admitted to a mistake during the opening week’s game against the Texans as well.

But, there’s still a lot of football left to go.

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