Iconic car gets a makeover

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - An iconic little red car in Monroe is getting a make-over.

Car Town on Louisville Avenue has had that little red car above their building for the last 30 years, and boy has it weathered some storms.

Thursday, they brought it down so crews can restore the car. The owners of Car Town say folks are questioning why the car had to be removed in the first place, but they say there's no need to worry.

Steve Taylor, Car Town Owner, says "We had some real ugly comments about how do you bring an icon down or something like that. So the good news is that we're bringing the car down today, and it's being sent off to be restored like you would a regular car, and then we're going right back up with it."

Fear not, Steve Taylor also says once their new building is completed and the car is restored to its original condition, the car will be put back on display above their dealership.

It might look a little brighter once it's back on display as they'll restore it to its original orange color.