Residents claim hundreds of animals dumped in Union Parish

UNION PARISH, La. (KNOE) - For the residents of Union Parish, they say it’s an ongoing cycle of animals being abandoned.

This litter of puppies were found in a ditch in Union Parish. (SOURCE: Martin Kelly)

"I'd love to drive by a dumpster one day and not even worry about looking for a dog that's in distress, skin, and bones you know," said Martin Kelly, Vice President of Union Humane Society.

They’ve been found behind dumpsters, in the woods, and even in the middle of nowhere.

“Every day, I get two or three calls every day. Can you help me do this? There’s a dog down here at the dumpster. There’s cats. It's an everyday thing," said Kim Phelps, Union Parish Resident.

People who live there say they’ve seen dogs of all ages and sizes, even cats too. To date, they have transported over 130 dogs and 17 cats.

"It’s a problem all over the parish. This is just one site where dogs turn up," said Lynn Fontana, President of Union Humane Society.

That site was a dumpster lot with open woods, they said they’ve found animals thrown behind the dumpsters and others stuck in the woods.

The Union Humane Society has been growing since its inception in 2008. Although they don’t have a physical shelter, they work all throughout the parish to foster the different animals.

"It’s a twenty-four-hour thing, you know you wake up you clean the kennels, you feed the dogs, you give them walks, "said Kelly.

The work daily to take care of the animals and restore their health.

"Spay them or neuter, usually have to get their health back, usually they're skin and bones," said Fontana.

It’s been an ongoing journey to start a shelter, but they haven’t given up hope on the animals.

"Look at it from the dog's point of view, we're not doing it for ourselves. It's for the dog's the cats, whatever we take in," said Kelly.

They say it's going to take change and resources, but it never gets easier.

"It's heartbreaking it really is, just tears you up. When you go home at night you have to just decompress it just gets to you, "said Phelps.

Their message to the rest of the community.

"People get your pets a little more spayed and neutered, even though we've done so much this past year. It just keeps on going it’s a never-ending thing," said Phelps.

We reached out to the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office for a statement and are awaiting a response.