How weather affects fishing

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(KNOE 8 Weather) - Dewayne Purvis has been fishing right here in Louisiana for 45 years.

"Catching the big fish. There's always that chance of catching something that could be state record worthy," Said Dewayne Purvis, a local Fisherman.

You could say, he know's how the catch the big ones.

"Biggest one Iv'e ever caught is just a little over 9 pounds," He Said.

He told us one of the reasons for his success, is paying attention to the local weather.

"The best time, the most active time, whether you're hunting or fishing, is that hour right before a front gets in."

It's simple. An approaching front means lower pressure.

"Whenever you have a front coming in the barometric pressure falls rapidly. That has a huge significance on fish, on deer."

He doesn't know why fish feed more during an approaching front, but the evidence is clear.

There are, of course, other factors, other than weather, that can affect your luck fishing.

"the moon phase, time of the day, Purvis Said."

"Some fishermen try to decide if it's a good day to fish or not by using this bass forecast app"

"The areas in green indicate a major time for wildlife activity"

"Today it's showing it's a good day so we're gonna give it a try."

After a slow start we both caught one fish. High pressure today did not do us any favors.

We came back, this time the day before that strong cold front that brought the ArkLaMiss severe weather back on Halloween. We had much better luck.

Call it strategy, or just plain old good luck, there's no denying that paying attention to your local weather could help you reel in that next big one. Dylan Robichaud KNOE 8 News.