How to winterize your home and keep your energy bill down

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West Monroe, La. (KNOE) - If you find yourself changing your thermostat too often, you may have a few leaks to fix.

There are many places in your home where air can escape. It usually starts with your windows and doors.

Brent Swanner with Achiever's Home Improvements says, "If you have twelve leaky windows, it's like having eleven good windows and taking one window completely out of the house. That is the amount of air you're allowing in your home."

In turn, that can cost you a little extra on your heating bill. The good news is, you can easily fix these things on your own.

Swanner says there are three problem areas on windows, including around the actual frame, which you can use caulk or you can pull window trim off the inside and put fiberglass insulation in... and around the outside you can put new weather stripping in.

These are items that you can head to the hardware store and pick up for just a couple bucks. Depending on the type and age of your windows and doors though, you may want to look for newer more energy efficient ones.

These are not the only problem spots where heat escapes though. The owner of Temp Co Insulation, Chuck Adams, says homeowners should have their attic inspected to make sure there is enough insulation.

He also says, "The heat that's coming out of the vent, which most vents are in the ceiling, it comes down and then turns around and starts going back up. Good, thick insulation will allow that heat to stay in the home and not escape through the ceiling."

While that option may be a little more expensive, it will help you stay warm and save you money in the long run.