How to Get Help for High Energy/Heating Bills

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - In northeast Louisiana, really low temperatures recently led to really high bills. Many people across the area reported increases of 100%-200% of their normal bills. Some bills went up from $250 to $750!

Unfortunately, most people will be stuck paying their higher bills, but it might be possible to get help if you really need it.

One resource to use is the following website set up by The United Way. It is something like Google for community services. Just go in there and search for what you need and you will be shown a list of possible resources for help. We've listed the URL below, but you can click or tap here to go to the website.

If that doesn't work, just copy and paste this link.

Another avenue to consider is to try calling the Ouachita Multi-purpose Community Action Program at 318-322-7151.

Also, try asking your utility company if they offer a levelized billing plan and what you might expect to pay in the future if you sign up. Levelized billing isn't a solution to your past bill, but it keeps your future utility bill at a fairly steady rate so times like these don't hurt as much.

It might be useful saving this page or sharing it on Facebook, even if you don't need help now.