Heaps of stolen goods: golf clubs, stamps, 2 kitchen sinks

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Authorities say residents in one Louisiana area should check sheds, patios and self-storage units to see if anything's missing, even a kitchen sink. They're also telling self-storage business owners to check for tampering, and for locked unleased units.

Lafourche (luh-FOOSH) Parish sheriff's deputies say missing goods might be among hundreds of stolen items found recently. Lt. Brennan Matherne says most were in locked but un-rented storage units.

Matherne says they include golf clubs, generators, a bone growth stimulator, welding machines, a stamp collection, and two kitchen sinks.

Deputies want to return everything to owners.

Authorities say 49-year-old Sidney Richard Sr. of Cut Off is accused of stealing everything. Matherne says Richard was out on bond after a December arrest but was re-arrested Feb. 14, and his bond was raised to $65,000.


McConnaughey reported from New Orleans.

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