Grambling's undergraduate nursing program one step closer to opening its doors

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - President Gallot is pitching a whole new nursing program to lawmakers Wednesday, and if they approve it, the program could re-open as early as next year.

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

The program was forced to close its doors two years ago because it wasn't meeting standards.

in February, President Rick Gallot pitched a new program
to the Louisiana Board of Supervisors and they approved it. However, that was just the first step.

On Wednesday, the program is being reviewed by the Louisiana Board of Regents and if they approve it, it will go to the Louisiana Board of Nursing for final approval.

Officials say that's when the real work begins.

"We have to put a person in charge of getting the program back on board and start the process of getting faculty because we have to do those things before we can recruit, identify, and accept students," says Will Sutton, director of communications.

If everything goes as planned, the program will be up and running by Fall of 2018.