Governor John Bel Edwards meets with Bastrop farmers

BASTROP, La. (KNOE) - Some Northeast Louisiana farmers in need of help met with Governor John Bel Edwards. Tuesday, the governor stopped in Bastrop on a tour
in which he's hoping to learn more about the latest agriculture concerns across the state.

The farmers who collected in Bastrop for the meeting say they need several things. They want funding to improve rural roads to transport their goods. They also want financial help after last year’s flood.

Gov. Edwards and agriculture officials say they're already working on both issues, but they say it'll take time. They listened to the farmers' concerns and plan to take those concerns back to Baton Rouge where they can find a solution that suits the needs of farmers from all parts of the state.

The governor says it’s important to meet with the farmers of Louisiana because agriculture is an 11 billion dollar industry for the state, reaching well beyond state lines.

"We are not just feeding Louisiana, which is incredibly important. We're actually feeding a good part of the world because we are blessed by God to have some of the most fertile soils anywhere,” Governor Edwards says. “Being on the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast, we have the opportunity to export these products out of Louisiana."

The statewide tour lasts three days. Another meeting will be held at 9 am on Thursday at the Concordia Parish Community Center.