Gov. Edwards tours damaged areas in Central Louisiana

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) After declaring a state of emergency for Louisiana after Sunday's storms, Gov. Edwards toured the damaged areas of Alexandria on Monday.

Gov. Edwards met with emergency officials in Alexandria only hours after the storm passed to discuss aid in relief efforts.

During his tour, he met with the owner of My Legacy Salon, Stacey Henry, who is working to clean up the damage done to her business due to the storm.

"It meant a lot that he's coming out and he's seeing all the damage and stuff," Henry said. "So it really meant a lot."

Gov. Edwards' main concern was making sure the locals knew the severity of the storm.

Now, he is focusing on storm relief and restoring Cenla. He said he is looking at potential federal aid.

"If we cross the threshold where we can reasonably ask for federal aid assistance from the government, we are going to do just that," he said. "I just can't make that determination as of yet."

Gov. Edwards later made his way to St. Martin Parish to the damage there as well.