Gov. Edwards Spends Day in Northern Louisiana:Visits Monster Moto

Published: Mar. 22, 2017 at 6:52 PM CDT
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A small town with a bright future.

When you walk in the doors of Monster Moto in Ruston you see workers busy making go-karts and mini-bikes .

"It's assembly line work. You don't need a college education because not everyone has a college education."

The plant is creating 300 jobs and Houston Davis-Gordon says a job like this fits his needs

"I have no college education, I joined the military right out of high school so to me it's a huge benefit."

When Mayor Ronny walker tours the plant he says he sees Ruston making its mark.

"It puts us on the map, not only that but it gives us some momentum because now our people in the city, and our city government realized 'hey we can get companies to come here."

Governor John Bel Edwards sees economic development.

"Supporting local business and industry manufacturers today," Edwards said.

Ruston is now the official headquarters of Monster Moto, and the go-karts and mini-bikes are shipped all over North America.

"We'll be shipping out over 70 thousand units and everyone of them has a sticker on them that says made in Ruston Louisiana."

CEO Alex Keechle says instead of outsourcing his manufacturing facility he's decided to keep it in America

"The discrepancy between on shoring and off shoring, the cost difference, the ethos of the american people make that up. You'll be more productive using the American people."

For now you can only buy the mini bikes and go karts on amazon and