Jennifer Cardin of Rayville Jr. High School Teacher wins Hixson Ford Golden Apple Teacher of Week

RAYVILLE, La. (KNOE) - Hi, we're at Rayville Junior High School and I have with me 8th grader Terrance Robinson. Terrance, tell me a little bit about who you nominated and why. I nominated Ms. Cardin. The reason I nominated Ms. Cardin is she's like a second mother to me. She loves every single person in Junior High School So she's not just teaching she's a big encourager too. Well, what do you say we go surprise her with her Mulhearn Flowers and certificate? Show me the way. Ms. Cardin, on behalf of KNOE and Hixson Ford you've been nominated for the Golden Apple Teacher of the week by Terrance. Thank you! Oh my goodness! What's going through your mind right now? I'm shocked right now. I'm just absolutely amazed. Thank you so much! Well, Terrance has spoken so highly of you and saying how much you go above and beyond to help these students. What made you want to be a teacher? I wanted to be a teacher even when I was a child and a student in the classroom. That was my favorite thing to do. This is my eleventh year. We appreciate everything you do in the classroom and you have a wonderful rest of the day.