Danny Walters: Golden Apple Award Winner, April 5, 2017

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(KNOE 8 News) - Hello, I'm at Franklin Parish High School in Winnsoboro. I have the neatest little situation here where we're actually going to honor the teacher with the Hixson Ford Golden Apple Teacher of the Week award and this nominating letter came from Theresa Poland on behalf of herself and her son Devon Poland her son 11th grader here. Tell me why you wrote this letter. Because Mr. Danny was more than just a teacher. He was a mentor. You could go to him about anything and he would understand. He would help you out. What do you like about him? You can talk to him about anything you want and he won't go to anybody else and talk about it. He'll keep it between you and him. A good confidant. Well, we're going to give him his flowers today and certificate and I'm going to let you lead the way to the classroom, okay? Mr. Walters, guess what? You've been nominated for the Hixson Ford Golden Apple teacher of the week. How are you feeling right now? Shocked, really shocked. A little interruption to your day but hopefully a pleasant one. It is. It's an honor. I have to tell you we got the most incredible letter from Theresa Poland and talking about what an impact you had on her and the same thing from Devon here. What is it you love about being an Ag teacher that you love so much?The hands on activities. It takes a normal kid that might not excel in sports but he can excel in the classroom and the lab. Well, we just want to say congratulations and behalf of Hixson Ford, KNOE and Mulhearn flowers and we'll let Devon give you the flowers there and we thank you so much for everything you're doing in the classroom and the impact you're having on these kids. I appreciate it. Thank you.