Jennie Garland: Golden Apple Award Winner, March 16, 2017

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KNOE8 News Hi, we're at Central Elementary in Calhoun and I have with me 5th grader Christian Roach. And Christian I understand you have nominated a teacher for the Hixson Ford Golden Apple Teacher of the Week award. Who did you nominate? Miss Jennie Garland. Why did you nominate her? Because when I was in third grade she always had a smile on her face to see me. She was always so happy when I walked into the room. She would always come to my sports games. I think she was just happy for me to be there. It was my first year and her first year too. I think we both made it a pretty well year. I mean, I'm not a big fan of school but she made third grade look really easy. That's awesome. You enjoyed it because of her. Well hopefully you'll grow and be a big fan of school before you graduate. I bet you will and partly because of her. What do you say we go surprise her? Show me where her room is. I nominated you for the Golden Apple award. Thank you! Oh my gosh. How does that make you feel? So honored. Oh my gosh! Well he was just describing to me what an inspiration you were during his third grade year and he said he's not even a big fan of school but because of you he now is. Thank you Christian. That is so sweet. How long have you been doing this now? This is my third year. So that's pretty short term but you've not regretted it? No not yet. I love being here. This is where I'm supposed to be. Well on behalf of KNOE, Hixson Ford and Mulhearn flowers congratulations and thank you for everything you do in the classroom and for these kids, thank y'all so much!