Brittany Robinson: Golden Apple Award Winner, March 2, 2017

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KNOE8 News Hi, I'm at Carver Elementary School in Monroe and I have with me sixth grader Faith Porter and Faith who have you nominated for the Hixson Ford Golden Apple teacher of the week? Mrs. Brittany Robinson. And why did you nominate her? She's a great teacher and I love her for who she is. She is very intelligent and she helps us. She also encourages us with our writing. So she kind of sparks that creativity in you, huh? Yes ma'am. Well, what do you say we go surprise her with her flowers and certificate. Yes Ma'am. All right, you lead the way. Mrs. Robinson, you have been nominated for the Golden Apple Teacher of the week award. Thank you. Oh my God. Let's talk about what made you decide to become a teacher. My joy for teaching students and trying to impact their lives. And what kind of legacy do you hope to leave them? I hope to inspire them to do and be whatever they want to be in life. Reach for the stars. Obviously, you have been successful. We appreciate everything you do in the classroom so on behalf of KNOE, Hixson Ford and Mulhearn Flowers congratulations to you. Thank you very much. Thank you Faith. Thank you.