Gail Griggs: Golden Apple Award Winner, February 23, 2017

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KNOE8 News Hi, I'm at Bastrop High School and I'm with Chardavion Johnson and Chardavion has made a nomination for the Golden Apple teacher of the week award. Chardavion who have you nominated?
Ms. Gail Harper Griggs. And why have you nominated her? Well, that's a good question. I can say she is probably the best teacher I've had since elementary school. She is constantly doing things for us that she doesn't have to do. And I really believe she deserves this award. What do you say we go surprise her? Alright, you lead the way. Turn around! (laughing) Ms Griggs, .Oh my God. Ms. Griggs, Chardavion has nominated you for the Hixson Ford Golden Apple teacher of the week award. Oh wow. Thank you! How does that make you feel? I'm overwhelmed but I'm honored. Thank you. Go ahead. You can give her her flowers. On behalf of Mulhearn Flowers, Hixson Ford and KNOE and we just want to say thank you for everything you do. Chardavion says you've been an amazing inspiration to him and all of these kids. What made you get into this? I love music and I love sharing that gift that God gave me with other people and especially my students. They bring me joy. I'm speechless. And all I can say is thank you guys so much. I am truly honored. So thank you and congratulations again.