Cindy Kincaid: Golden Apple Award Winner, February 16, 2017

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KNOE8 News Hi, I'm at Jesus Good Shepherd school and I'm here with Ella Pankey who happens to be in the third grade here. Ella, who have you nominated for the Hixson Ford Golden Apple teacher of the week award? Ms. Cindy Kincaid. Because she's nice and she makes learning fun. You had her in the second grade pre- K? Pre-k 4. Ok. Pre-k 4. I understand she knows how to make math fun. Is that why you like math so much now? Probably. Well that's going to come in handy in the future. What do you say we go surprise her? K. I'm going to let you lead the way. Hey, how are you? I'm great. You make learning fun. Thanks so much. I'm glad I make learning fun. Ella has nominated you for the Hixson Ford Golden Apple teacher of the week award. Thanks you so much. She says you really have knack for making learning fun, even making math learning fun. How does that make you feel? That makes me feel so great and special. What made you decide to go into teaching? Really just the love of children actually.I just love being around them. Yes, children. That's tremendous, we appreciate everything you do in the classroom. So on behalf of Hixson Ford, Mulhearn Flowers and KNOE we want to say congratulations and enjoy the rest of your day and thank you Ella.