Courtney Underwood: Golden Apple Award Winner, February 2, 2017

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KNOE8 News Hi I'm at Central Elementary School in Calhoun and I have with me Bethany Derouen and she's in the 5th grade. Bethany tell me a little bit about the teacher you've nominated for the Hixson Ford Golden Apple award. Well, I've never heard her yell at any of her students and if she ever gives a conduct mark it's for the main reason for just being bad. I've never gotten a conduct mark from her. She's also been good to me. We're actually talking about Courtney Underwood who teaches 5th grade here and you say she's every encouraging here to all of her students. What do you say we go surprise her with her flowers and her certificate? You lead the way. Bethany has something to tell you. I nominated you for the Golden Apple award. Oh my goodness! She certainly has. Ms. Underwood, she wrote the most glowing letter. I bet she did! How you are so encouraging to all of your students. How does that make you feel? Amazing. Oh my gosh, thank you. Amazing and surprised. A little bit caught off guard. Tell me about how long you've been teaching. This is my 5th year teaching and my third year at Central. I taught two years in Franklin parish before. What made you decide to become a teacher? I've always known that I wanted to teach; even growing up. Just love kids. Being around kids. Encouraging them and helping them. Well that is wonderful. On behalf of Hixson Ford, Mulhearn flowers and KNOE congratulations to you and thank you for being such an encourager to all these students. Well they make my day great.