Christina Felter: Golden Apple Award Winner, January 12, 2017

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We're here at Mangham Junior High School and I have with me Zach Lindbeck and Zach is in the 8th grade now but I believe you have your 6th grade teacher you want to tell me a little bit about. Who did you nominated for the Hixson Ford Golden Apple award? I nominated my 6th grade teacher Ms. Felter who is a great teacher cause throughout, whenever I was in 6th grade she didn't want to deal with bullying, whenever someone was bullied she always kept them up their spirits high. What an awesome teacher. So Christina Felter knows how important it is not to tolerate bullying in school. I'm going to let you show me where the classroom is and we'll go surprise her. What do you say? Lead the way. Ms. Felter, I nominated you for the Golden Apple. (Applause, laughter) Great. Thank you! So on behalf of Hixson Ford, Mulhearn Flowers and KNOE we do want to congratulate you on this honor. How does it make you feel? Very excited. You are so precious! Ge wrote and incredible letter telling about how, you're not only a great teacher, but you don't tolerate bullying in the classroom. Tell us little bit about that. That's right, it's just something you got to deal with these days. So we try to focus on it. These kids really become like your family, don't they? They are mine. Once they come through the 6th grade they're mine after that. That's right. Well, congratulate you for all you do in the classroom and thank you Zach for making sure she's recognized for her teaching excellence. Oh I appreciate it. You are so welcome. I'm Tammi Arender for KNOE 8 News.