Dawn Matthews: Golden Apple Award Winner, January 4, 2017

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KNOE8 News I am at West Ouachita High School and we got a nominating letter from Samantha Minchew who's already graduated now. She nominated her biology teacher Ms. Dawn Matthews and I understand Ms. Matthews has really done a lot for Samantha and the other students here. Because she goes above and beyond to make sure they do not fall into the cracks. I've brought in...since we don't have Samantha here, I've brought in Trasa Farrar with me. Trasa tell me about Ms. Matthews. She's an integral part of this faculty. She always has a smile on her face and is loved by the faculty and the students. We're very lucky to have her. What do you say we go surprise her. Sounds great! Let's go, I'll let you show me the way. Ms. Matthews has been nominated for the Hixson Ford Golden Apple award by Miss Samantha Minchew. So Ms. Matthews, on behalf of Hixson Ford, Mulhearn Flowers and KNOE Congratulations! Thank you. Thank you. I just feel very blessed. Did you have any idea this was coming your way? No. Not at all. Samantha wrote such a glowing letter about how you went above and beyond to make sure she succeeded and graduated. She wanted you to know how special you are. Well, thank you. I love my students. They're like my kids and I think these here probably feel the same way. They mean a lot to me. I feel teaching is a calling. And I feel blessed to have them in my life. Thank you so much for everything you do in the classroom. Thank you. I'm Tammi Arender for KNOE 8 News.