Girl Scout Cookie season teaches valuable lessons

MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Bad news for your new year’s resolutions: Girl Scout Cookie sales kick off January 11.

Girl Scouts marketing specialist Dianne Trim says cookie season is about more than just the tasty treats though. It also teaches girls valuable lessons.

Trim says they focus on five important lessons: Goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Through these lessons, girls gain simple skills like handling money, handshaking, and scheduling.

"Every one of those skills is something every adult has to use in their everyday life, so teaching them those skills early enough means they'll be able to have them fully grasped by the time they're adults," Trim explains.

The Girl Scouts are also taking advantage of the digital era. They now offer a digital cookie platform. Girls who sell cookies online get even more lessons. They’re required to take a class on internet safety and e-commerce.

"We want to make sure our girls get the most valuable lessons they can get, so we created this platform that allows girls to safely sell cookies through their own personalized e-commerce stores."

You can place your order for cookies starting this Friday, January 11. Booth sales outside of grocery stores will begin February 22. Sales last until March 10.