GSU students turning to prayer after Sunday's shooting

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GRAMGLING, La. (KNOE) - Every Monday, the student body at Grambling State University comes together, joins hands, and asks God for a good week.

"Our students, they really thrive in taking religion very seriously and we thought this was another way we can incorporate it with the student body," said SGA vice president Kyla Nelson.

But Monday's prayer was different. Sunday's shooting left students praying for safety and recovery.

"Prayer is much needed after things like that happen, said Miss Grambling Jamaria Davis Miller. “of course, everything isn't perfect. Everything isn't going to go well. It's not going to always be good news, but in the mist of the bad news, you have to turn it into good news and find the best in things."

The weekly prayer meeting started after a fatal shooting on campus last year and ever since it's had a positive impact on students like Shawn Shoemaker.

"It's something I look forward to doing every Monday because I do believe that prayer doesn't just help everybody, but it helps us as individuals," Shoemaker said.

He says the campus-wide prayer has helped him with grades and every day college struggles. Shoemaker says he's hoping it will put an end to campus violence too.

"It's not about the violence,” said Shoemaker. “It's not about the shootings, but it is about being there for one another. It's about loving each other. For the word of God teaches us that all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose. So I believe that if we're called according to his purpose, I believe that we should all stand in unity."

Baptist Student Union president Michael Douglas led today's prayer. He says going to God is the best way to work through tragedy.

"If we want the shootings to stop, we don't need to go to those people and tell them to stop shooting, we need to go to god on their behalf," said Douglas.

Trying to find light, in the darkness that started this week.

Students will be talking more about this at their weekly "Talk to Me Thursday" meeting and what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future.