GSU president embarks on 1 year anniversary with new changes

GRAMBLING, La (KNOE)- It's been a year since Rick Gallot Jr. was named president at Grambling State University.
He's been leading the charge to rebuild a university recovering from tough times.

Adrian Williams, SGA President,has been a part of the GramFam four years.
As a student, he's seen three people take a stab at being the university's president.
Williams served on two of the search committees.
He says what the students wanted was simple.

"For someone who is very student-oriented and someone who is actually willing to put the effort to coming out and being visible to the students and working with the students," Williams said.

Williams said he finally has that with Rick Gallot.

"He comes and asks us, 'Do you think this decision is a wise one what do you think?' To have a student's perspective on the majority of things that go on throughout the university is very important, because without the students you have no university," Williams said.

In just one year, Gallot helped the school get a new nursing program and secure a $25M grant for a state-of-the-art library.

"Everyday we want to move the needle just a little bit more that we done something today that made us a little bit better than yesterday," said Gallot. And of course, we have a great team and I keep talking about the importance of a great team."

There's some things Gallot says can't get done in just one year.

"We have to improve our retention and graduation rates. We've done some realignment in our academic affairs area. We brought some areas that weren't in enrollment management into academic affairs. We have a new academic retention office and director."

Gallot said he's hopeful that if he continues on with his title, he can get it done.