GSU hosts healthy conversations for male student-athletes

GRAMBLING, La. (KNOE) - Grambling State University is creating a dialogue and space for their male student-athletes to be winners both in the game and in their personal lives.

The training focused on topics such as sexual assault, violence prevention and emotional intelligence. Source: (KNOE)

NFL advisor and “A CALL TO MEN” CEO Tony Porter hosted a special training on Thursday for the campus’ male student-athletes.

Porter said it’s more than just being a great athlete, it’s about being a great man outside of the game.

“They have tremendous influence and we want to get them beyond the X's and O's of a game and really take a stand as it relates to developing young men of character," Porter said.

Throughout the training, he focused on topics such as sexual assault prevention, violence prevention and emotional intelligence.

Over 120 athletes were in attendance.

Football player Jeremy Hickbottom said it’s important they discuss those relevant topics.

“When you got to college you're on campus you see a lot, experience a lot, but it was best for us to get a grasp of what he was talking about," Hickbottom said.

Porter’s exercises encouraged the men to challenge stereotypes, debunk myths and focus on their own interpersonal relationships.

"Treat the woman that you want to be with, or who you're with like how you treat your mother. You treat your mother with the utmost respect," said William Sabala, a GSU football player.

This was the first time “A CALL TO MEN” came to GSU. Porter said he plans to expand the training to high schools and middle schools across the region.