GOOD NEWS FRIDAY: Oak Grove beautician keeps the old methods alive

OAK GROVE, La. (KNOE) - She calls herself the hair doctor.

"Each person has a different type of hair. I try to treat it, treat the hair what it needs," Connie Clack says with a smile. "I don't just come in there and put this and that on there and roll it up."

For more than 60 years, Clack has run the beauty shop behind her house in Oak Grove. And in the last six decades, not much has changed.

"I even turn people down. I say, "You don't want to come to me." They don't know me. They just call and I say, "I'm 92 years old, you don't want me working on you."

When you step inside the shop, it's like stepping back in time. From the curlers, to the salon chairs everything has a vintage vibe that is really something to behold. And you'll have plenty of time to take it all in, because Connie's shop is not for those who are looking for a quick in and out service.

"I like to visit, I don't like to blow dry. I just like the feeling of working on somebody and we help each other," Clack says.

She says she believes working on hair is what God put her on this earth to do, and because of that, she has no plans to retire anytime soon.

Clack says over the years she's seen fads come and go, but she prefers to do things the old-fashioned way.

"When I started working, we rolled with bobby pins and we didn't have rollers. Sometimes some of the girls would start rolling their hair with tin cans."

She says when you put your best foot forward, anything is possible.

"I just like people to take time to make themselves look as well as they can."

Her regulars would all agree, Connie Clack is a master when it comes to making you feel your best.

"It doesn't take a lot to make old people happy," Clack says with a laugh.

But this beautician goes above and beyond for her patrons. When you step into her salon you get fantastic service, a homemade goodie, and some of the best conversation the ArkLaMiss has to offer.