Ft. Polk soldier pleads guilty to October 2018 homicide

Spc. Logan Kyle (Photo courtesy: U.S. Army / Kim Reischling - Public Affairs)

FORT POLK, La. (KALB) - A Fort Polk soldier has pleaded guilty to the October 2018 murder of his pregnant wife. Specialist Logan Kyle of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division was sentenced on Tuesday, June 4.

A statement from the Staff Judge Advocate via Fort Polk Public Affairs explained Spc. Kyle's conviction.

"Spc. Logan Kyle was convicted by a military judge, pursuant to his pleas, of one specification of premeditated murder and one specification of death of an unborn child in violation of Articles 118 and 119a, UCMJ. The military judge sentenced the accused to be reduced to E1, to forfeit all pay and allowances, to be confined for life with the possibility of parole, and to be discharged from the service with a dishonorable discharge."

According to court documents obtained by KALB through a source, Kyle strangled his wife Shelena in a bathtub at their house on post on October 20, 2018. He wrapped her body into a sheet and placed her in the trunk of their shared Nissan. Then he drove to the house of his girlfriend Sarah Parker's father in Lake Charles where she lived with her two young children.

The couple moved Shelena's body to the trunk of Parker's vehicle, where they left her overnight. Then they shopped at a sex store, got supplies at Walmart to dispose of Shelena's body and stayed at a motel. The next day Parker and Kyle were caught by Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's deputies after the department got a tip about the murder from Parker's relative. That morning Parker and Kyle had gone to her family members boyfriend asking for help disposing of the body. Deputies located the car traveling on North Franklin Street in Lake Charles and conducted a stop. While searching the car, deputies found Kyle's wife, Shelena, dead in the trunk. Parker's two toddlers were also in her vehicle at the time.

Court documents revealed that Kyle claimed to suffer from Gender Dysphoria and that his identity was often the source of his marital issues with Shelena, who he said had threatened to tell his chain of command. Kyle also admitted to investigators that he was having relationships with two women including Parker and said they were more accepting of his transsexuality. The court document stated that on the night of Shelena's murder, the two had a disagreement about Kyle's gender while he brushed her hair in the bath. He then admitted to strangling her in their tub.

The Stipulation of Facts also stated that Parker had become pregnant in the fall of 2018 and assumed it to be Kyle's at the time. Parker remains in the Calcasieu Parish Correctional Center. On the night of her arrest, Parker confessed to deputies that she knew Shelena had been killed and was attempting to help in the disposal and concealment of the woman's body.

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