Former flood victims urge others to stock up on sandbags in Monroe

MONROE, La. (KNOE) - The city of Monroe has set up four sandbag locations for residents to fill up in the event of flooding.

The Robinson Family's home was flooded and ruined after the floods of 2016, now they're over-preparing to prevent the worst. SOURCE: KNOE

KNOE met one family at Saul Adler Community Center who was preparing after their home was flooded and ruined in 2016.

“I’ve seen firsthand what the damage can do, what not being prepared can do and not having enough resources available to you can do,” said Angela Robinson, Monroe resident.

Robinson and her family were all hands on deck getting sandbags today.

“We live in a flood zone now so the house that I’m in now was severely flooded back in 2016,” said Robinson.

She said their backyard floods with any storm and rainfall, and for them, the 25 bag limit from Public Works won’t cut it.

“[We need] upwards of maybe thirty to fifty because the area that we’re in is a very low lying area, basic storms we have a backyard full of water,” said Robinson.

Their home flooded and had to be rebuilt in 2016, so they’re taking extra precautions now.

“The backyard can flood really bad and if it gets too bad it may go through the house doors and it may mess up a lot of things,” said Robinson’s daughter, Sahara Campbell.

They’re loading up sandbags one by one to save their home.

“So for water not to get into the house we’re going to put sandbags in front of the door,” said Campbell.

Robinson worked in disaster relief during the floods of 2016 and urges people to act now, and not wait until the storm hits.

“It’s better to be prepared now and need later, than to not be prepared and lose everything.”