Former LSU star Astros' Alex Bregman on Good Morning America

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NEW YORK CITY (Good Morning America) - The Houston Astros celebrated their first World Series win in franchise history last week, and third baseman Alex Bregman said everyone in the city was behind the effort.

Alex Bregman
Alex Bregman won numerous awards as a member of the LSU Tigers baseball team over 3 years before being drafted by the Houston Astros in 2015.

"It was a complete team effort all year long and I think the World Series really showed what our team was all about," Bregman said today on "GMA."

Bregman, 23, explained that wearing the "Houston Strong" patch on their uniforms was "super special" to the team as they carried the spirit of the city with them through the postseason.

"When [Hurricane Harvey] hit we were on the road for 20 games or so and we got messages from back in Houston and it was tough for us not being able to be there and help people out," he said. "We thought that we had to play for [the city] the rest of the year. The people of Houston were there for us."

'Houston Strong' mantra rings true after Astros' World Series win
Bregman, in just his second year in the major leagues, kept the team's chance of winning alive with his game-winning walk-off home run in the 10th inning of Game 5.

"[This is] something you dream about as a kid," Bregman said of winning the World Series title. "The best part about the whole thing is seeing just your teammates rush the field and the smiles on their faces seeing how happy they are -- just special, special day."

Although the Astros have a young roster, Bregman thinks this group can formulate a plan to extend their season again next year.

"We gotta figure out the right recipe to keep coming back like the Yankees did and win a ton of them," he said.