Fight caught on camera in Pecanland Mall, shoppers questioning safety

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - On Monday afternoon, Lajada Hill was arrested at a local gas station in Monroe. According to the police report, Hill was involved in a fight at the Pecanland Mall.

Fight at Pecanland Mall has shoppers questioning their safety.
Fight at Pecanland Mall has shoppers questioning their safety.

The fight was caught on camera and uploaded to Facebook. It has since gained steam from hundreds of people in the area. The video shows two women fighting the food court of the mall. In the background, viewers can hear people screaming for security.

This incident has shoppers questioning the policies and procedures the mall has in place in case of violent behavior. One shopper, Debbie Taylor said it makes her feel, "Kind of unsafe."

She saw the video floating around on social media.

"I just thought it was kind of ridiculous that you can't go anywhere without seeing some type of drama," she said. "All the shootings, and the stabbings and the fightings that are going on. It just kind of makes you nervous."

Laquita Collins said she cannot believe the example that is being set for the younger generation.

"The younger children have to see that and they're growing up and asking their mom or dad 'Why is this happening?" she said.

Last summer, the mall saw a few fights, one involved a man pulling out a gun and opening fire.

In May of this year, a woman is accused of fighting her sister and an officer in the mall too.

KNOE has reached out to Pecanland Mall on several occasions to get them to talk about the policies, but have yet to receive an answer.

The fight is on the Facebook profile of Demar Harris.


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