Ferriday High mother looks for answers after daughter is bullied

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FERRIDAY, La. (KNOE) - A Concordia Parish mother is speaking out after she says her ninth-grade daughter is being bullied at Ferriday High School.

(Source: KNOE)

Shana Skipper says her daughter's bullies sit behind and beside her in class. She says they often hit her in the head and talk about her appearance.

"She came home, and she was crying. She had nothing to say,” Skipper says. “Even my mom asked her, ‘Tiara, what's going on? What is wrong with you?’ She wouldn't tell us for anything in fear that these kids may jump her."

Skipper is trying to do what she can to help her child before it’s too late. "My biggest concern is that she's going to come home one day like she did Tuesday, don't tell us anything, and I find my child dead in her room. She has been suffering from depression for over a year, and she's been in counseling for over a year."

Skipper has been talking to teachers, principals, Concordia Parish Sheriff's Office and even the superintendent of Concordia Parish schools. "I sat down and talked to [the superintendent] and let him know that my daughter has been in counseling for over a year now. She suffers with depression. His last words to me were, ‘We've all been bullied, Ms. Skipper.’"

Skipper says since Tuesday, the classroom bullying has not only continued, but nothing is being done about it, because she says members of the group have parents working in the school system. "I don't think I'm being heard. Not by the superintendent, not by the principal, not by the assistant principal… due to the child's parents working in the school system, I think that's where we're falling short at. We're not looking at the bigger picture of the situation."

Skipper says that bigger picture involves many other kids in the school, who have their own stories.

"I want some kind of consequences towards these kids that are doing this not only to my child but other kids. It just didn't start with my daughter. It started with other kids as well, and my daughter just happened to just have a mother that is strong-minded and is strong-willed, and I love my daughter, and I don't want to see her do anything to herself."

KNOE spoke with Concordia Parish School Board superintendent Whest Shirley. He says Concordia Parish is a "bully-free" zone and declined to comment further.