Feed Your Soul: Twins Burgers and Sweets in Lafayette

Published: Jul. 4, 2019 at 9:15 AM CDT
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At 8:50 in the morning the orders are already coming in for the “evil twin” cheeseburger.

“It was named after my brother so that is our twin patties on our signature bun with spicy mayo, pepper jack cheese, bacon jalapeno onion on it also,” said Billy Guilbeaux.

Billy and Denny Guilbeaux, of Twins Burgers and Sweets, are building on what their father started years ago. He owned a bakery in Lafayette. The pastry business was their playground. And where they learned the value of hard work.

“It was hard but I’m grateful for it now because we know how to work. It’s not necessarily,” said Billy Guilbeaux.

The twins go to double the trouble to make their hamburgers. The buns are made from their dad’s bread recipe. Denny says although it would be easier to just buy the buns in bulk it wouldn’t be the same burger.

“I like to think it’s a little bit better. It’s an extra step but it makes the sandwich.”

So every sandwich from the crawfish burger to the ‘eggcellent’ twin is on the made from scratch bread. For customers like Greg Hoffpauir it’s a big thumbs up.

But the burgers are only half the story. Brownies, petit fours, cakes, and other confectionary delights decorate the display case. All handmade by Denny. And if his memory fails him his father made sure he wouldn’t forget his tried and true recipes.

“Before he passed away he gave me all of his recipe books,” said Denny Guilbeaux.

“My brother is the baker so we are mirror twins and he is the patient, the creative side of the brain and I’m smarter and I do more of the business side of it. So it works out well. He’s really good at what he does and I’m pretty good and what I do so we make a great team,” said Billy Guilbeaux.

The twins even have a twist on the Mardi Gras King Cake. It’s stuffed with the rice and pork mixture and topped with cane syrup. From the cooking to the cleaning, Billy says it’s not just about great food, it’s about being an example to their kids.

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