Feed Your Soul: The Dock in Lake Providence, La.

The Dock in Lake Providence, Louisiana
The Dock in Lake Providence, Louisiana(KNOE)
Published: Aug. 1, 2019 at 9:32 AM CDT
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Frank Thornhill of Transylvania is a regular at The Dock.

“You’re not going to share your frog legs with me,” ask Tammi Arender with KNOE.

He and his wife don’t miss a chance to come to eat the seafood at this little lakefront eatery in Lake Providence.

“Lot of other times when you buy fish they cook them too long. These are just right every time I ever eat here,” said Frank Thornhill.

“We knew what we liked. A light batter. Seasoned of course. So we came up with our own seasoning,” said Margaret Toney.

Margaret Toney and her husband Lee decided to follow their stomachs and jump into the restaurant business. Neither had a culinary background.

“I did accounting and Lee did air conditioning and refrigeration.”

But their talented taste buds and business savvy have created this dining destination known as the Dock. It gives travelers a chance to try some authentic Cajun cuisine.

“A lot of people want to taste alligator, crawfish. Some have not ever even tasted catfish. Ok, we got it!”

“Let me drop the gator in over here,” said Lee toney.

So Lee and their son stay busy in the kitchen 7 days a week. They also make their own boudin for boudin balls.

There’s so much on the menu I want to try, I’m afraid my stomach won’t be able to cash the check my eyes are writing.

Besides the amazing food, The Dock is still part convenience store. Boaters can buy gasoline, at least when the water isn’t so high, or you can get your two-stroke motor oil when you pick up your locally made Panola Pepper sauce. You can also get a look at some vintage photographs of Lake Providence. Even when summer is over and the lake is quiet, The Dock is still decked out for diners.

“We’re closed 4 days of the year the major holidays and when the Saints go to the Super Bowl. It feeds my soul in a sense. When a customer comes in and tells us how much they enjoy the food, the service they had, the view of the lake. That’s what makes my day,” said Toney.

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