Feed Your Soul: PT's Eat-a-Bite in Bastrop

Published: Feb. 1, 2019 at 9:05 AM CST
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This week we ‘feed your soul’ with a trip to Morehouse parish. PT's Eat-a-Bite is a tradition there. It’s not only a place to get some good southern cooking but it’s a place to stay connected—the old fashioned way.

“Twin babies are beautiful. Let me tell you,” said two PT's Eat-a-Bite diners who show off cell phone photos of their grandchildren. Nothing like talking about who has the prettiest grandbabies over a plate full of blueberry pancakes.

“When y’all get through I’ll show you the prettiest one,” said another customer at the same breakfast table.

This group, “the old geezers”—their name, not mine, meet at PT’s in Bastrop every morning.

“I do the same thing every day. I come up here and listen to this bull. (laugh) and go back home,” said Kenneth Dement, PT's Eat-a-Bite patron.

Kenneth Dement remembers coming to this location when it was a gas station.

“I ate dinner in here the first time it opened. Gas pumps were right over there. I bought gas for my old A model,” said Dement.

The windows here aren’t drive through. They’re windows into the soul of a community. People who come to talk, and not on their cell phones.

“It’s good food and somewhere to go. Hear the news and what’s going on,” said Jimmy Smith, a PT's Eat-a-Bite diner.

Besides chewing the fat, many choose PT’s for its home-style cooking.

“The greens are amazing," said Malcolm Tate. “What about that smothered steak?”, asked Tammi Arender, reporter for KNOE 8 News. "Awesome, top notch,” said Tate, PT's Eat-a-Bite diner.

The smothered steak is one of the most popular dishes.

“That meat is so tender. It’s just falling apart. Just so tender,” said Billy Ray Edwards, PT's Eat-a-Bite diner.

Diana Herman prepares the southern delicacy but won’t tell me what her secret is.

“We can’t tell all our secrets but it’s ground steak, smothered with onions, gravy and I fry it first though then I smother it. I get good compliments on it so I feel like I’m doing a good job,” said Herman, a cook at PT's Eat-a-Bite.

Whether it’s the made from scratch pancakes, the smothered steak or just a good cup of coffee and conversation, PT’s is pure southern comfort on a plate with a side of nostalgia.

“It’s cool being part of something that’s historical for Bastrop. It’s nice,” said Gladney.

“Get your breakfast and get all your news. Why go anywhere else?” said Billy Smith.

PT's Eat-a-Bite is open six days a week. Closed on Sundays. For more information on dining destinations, check out the culinary trails map at


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