Feed Your Soul: Hippie Chicks Snowballs in Columbia

The extreme Candy Crush Snowball from Hippie Chicks Snowballs in Columbia.
The extreme Candy Crush Snowball from Hippie Chicks Snowballs in Columbia.(KNOE)
Published: Jun. 19, 2019 at 5:53 PM CDT
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Summer time in the south means peaches, watermelons, and rainbows. But on a top-down kind of day you have to order a rainbow. So, a lot of folks come here. To Hippie Chicks Snowballs in Columbia.

“We’re getting a small wedding cake and a small grape. We drove about 30 minutes to get it. We like it so much,” said Jacey Oliver of Winnsboro.

This tie dyed building is offering up tasty treats with every flavor combination imaginable.

“It’s banana, cherry, and blue raspberry. What about the Unicorn? Bubble gum, cotton candy and sprinkles on top” said Macie Arthurs.

Macie Arthurs and her sister Kayleigh are the proprietors of this sugar shack.

“One day we just thought we’d like to own a snowball stand,” said Kayleigh Arthurs.

“Me and my sister really like snow cones,” said Macie Arthurs.

So their parents said ok we’ll help you get started but it’s going to be your business.

“Kids don’t come with an instruction manual. So when they came to u s with this idea we thought was a perfect opportunity for them to learn and grow,” said JD Arthurs.

“It’s taught me to be responsible, human relations, how to keep up with the money. A lot trying to be responsible.”

Little kids and big kids come crave the cool cones. And these aren’t just simple snowballs. They’re extreme.

“We have a strawberry cheesecake one with a whole slice of cheesecake and we have on like that but with blueberry. We have a unicorn dream has cotton candy on top.”

And they can kick the cone up a notch and make it with ice cream instead of shaved ice. It took the girls, along with their cousin, some practicing before they could master the ice machine. And still, it can get away from you.

Glad it’s just ice water. Cause no time for cleanup. The orders just keep coming in, especially for the wedding cake flavor.

“It’s our wedding. Caleb and I are getting married on Saturday. One, for its wedding cake and it’s my favorite flavor,” said Danielle Veuleman.

While these hip chicks spend their summer working, they’re also having a groovy time.

“We’ve made a lot of new friends and family friends through this stand.

“What’s the biggest reward,” asked KNOE’s Tammi Arender.

“Honestly, being able to make other people happy,” said Macie Arthurs.

Hippie Chicks Snowballs is normally open Wednesday through

Sunday afternoons in Columbia. You can check their Facebook page for any updates on their hours.

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