Feed Your Soul: Fontenot's Cajun Way

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COLUMBIA, La- (KNOE) “This is what we start the day with right here.”

The Crawfish etouffee is made every day at Fontenot’s Cajun Way in Columbia. And it must be good because James Byrd never passes up a chance to eat it.

“I probably eat this 4 or 5 times a week,” said Byrd.

"Everything is homemade. Authentic. The sausage is homemade the etouffee is homemade and it’s good,” said Byrd.

Chuck and Sue Fontenot are from Eunice in south Louisiana. But after pipeline work and some fishing in northeast Louisiana, they left the heart of Cajun country and settled in Caldwell Parish.

“The people and the fishing. We met a lot of great people up here. We live on a local lake,” said Chuck Fontenot.

“That’s the beginning of boudin.”

His passion for fishing is only surpassed by his passion for cooking.

“So we’re bringing dishes up here that we were born and raised on. Sausage- ours has to be smoked more than it is up here. Boudin, I’ve never bought a pack of boudin in the stores. Everything we always ate was made fresh daily,” said Fontenot.

So their boudin and sausage are made from scratch. From boiling the pork to grinding the meat.

“This is the job nobody wants.”

Putting the boudin in the casings is not a pretty job. It’s also not as easy as it looks.

“Steam it and it’s ready to eat. Now it’s your turn ready?”

With a bucket filled with boudin and a foot pedal at the ready, I give it a try.

They’ve always said you never want to see sausage “or boudin” being made but oh it sure does taste good. Especially when it’s turned into fried boudin balls. There’s also the King Cajun platter with everything under the creole sun, including fried alligator. My favorite is the eggplant zydeco—which will positively make your knees go weak.

“We will not sell if it’s not the Cajun way. "The wife, she has a motto, if she won’t eat it she won’t sell it.”

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