Feed Your Soul: Butter A Louisiana Bakery

Homemade gluten-free pop tarts at Butter: A Lousiana Bakery in downtown Monroe.
Homemade gluten-free pop tarts at Butter: A Lousiana Bakery in downtown Monroe.(KNOE)
Published: Jul. 24, 2019 at 4:48 PM CDT
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“I grew up making them with my mom. She did everything at home and she was willing to teach me everything,” said Charity Jones.

Charity Jones doesn’t have an ‘official’ pastry degree.

“It started as a service to my father in law and now it’s a service to the community I think.”

She doesn’t have a gluten allergy.

“We do 100% gluten-free. It’s a safe place but it’s important to limit us,” said Charity Jones, co-owner of Butter: a Louisiana Bakery in downtown Monroe.

What she does have is “Butter, a Louisiana Bakery” in downtown Monroe.

Charity wanted to share her love of delicious desserts with her father in law. But he has a gluten allergy. Those with Celiac disease can’t have wheat, barley or rye.

“We want people to come here because it’s good food. Not because it’s gluten-free. We also care about service,” said Jones.

So with the encouragement of her husband Adam, Charity met the challenge. She has created her own gluten-free flour so her confections can be savored by everyone.

“We’re always about taste. We’re always about presentation. You don’t have to bring your friend to this bakery but you want to,” said Jones.

From homemade pop tarts with strawberry icing to colossal cookies and cream-filled eclairs.

It’s a menagerie of melt in your mouth desserts. And her reputation for fabulous food is spreading fast.

“Hey, good to see you. When did you get back in town? I’m back in town” I don’t even know what gluten is and I don’t care if it’s not there I just want to eat something,” said John Reynolds, former K104 Radio personality.

Even former K104 radio personality John Reynolds heard about the place as soon as he moved back to Monroe from Key West Florida!

“I scream and hug John 1:50 “honey I may share my money my car maybe even my men but I don’t share my dessert! We’re gonna need two almond chews”

“I know I was supposed to wait on you but I already took a bite. It’s awesome!”

“Healthy but tastes like it’s not healthy? It tastes sinfully delicious. So, I’m not missing the sugar. I’m not bitter and resentful. I’m not bitter. I’m butter.”

Butter is a haven not only for gluten-free sweets but savory dishes as well. And it seems it’s no coincidence the mastermind behind the deliciousness is named Charity.

“What feeds the soul? I think it’s Charity really. She’s so loving and puts so much effort into her food and makes it perfect. She really loves people through her food. That’s her love language,” said Adam Jones, Charity’s husband and co-owner of Butter a La Bakery.

Butter A Louisiana Bakery is on the first floor of the Vantage Tower Building in downtown Monroe at 130 DeSiard Street.

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