Feed Your Soul: Beech St. Bistro

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CROSSETT, Ark. - (KNOE) The blues music emanating from the Beech Street Bistro in Crossett, Arkansas, is only rivaled by the aroma coming from the kitchen.

The Beech St. Bistro in Crossett, AR is an eatery filled with a lot of soul. (Source: KNOE)

Chester Huntsman can belt out the ingredients to his crawfish pie the way he can belt out a blues song.

“We tried to look like a MS Juke Joint but we have the heart of a cracker barrel.”

“It may be next Tuesday before all milk gets out that can.”
Huntsman, the brother of the late Johnny Huntsman—founder of Johnny’s Pizza, has taught his staff to cook the way he likes to cook. From rich and creamy Mac and Cheese to hand battered, with a little help from contraption, onion rings.

There’s also hot water cornbread and melt in your mouth buttery yeast rolls. Pam Riley says she loves everything on the menu but is especially crazy about the crawfish pie.

“It’s so rich and full everything. It’s full of crawfish chicken sausage and the flavor is just out of this world,” said Pam Riley, a Beech St. Bistro customer.

Now, Chester loaded me up with what he calls his signature dishes.
"I’m gonna try this pork chop sammich. No 'd' in there right? Just sammich. I knew somebody with the name Chester was going to be able to make the best fried pork chop sandwich I’ve ever had," said Tammi Arender.

“When I leave here I’m going to be the size of a small school bus and I don’t even care!"

“I know what tastes good together. That’s a gift. This is all I can do. I can cook and put on a show,” said Huntsman.

And on occasional Thursday nights, that’s exactly what happens. You can get dinner and a show.

While listening or eating you can drink in the ambiance of the creative décor. Is it a blues bar-minus the alcohol or is it a creole cottage?

“Rat Hole Juke joint sign and all the artwork was done by Denise Morris and Sheila Dickerson.”

Between the artist’s renderings and Huntsman’s handiwork, this old house percolates with personality. And if you feel a little something different when you walk into this place, it could be the prep work before the doors open or should I say prayer work.

‘In Jesus name Amen”

“For God to give us the opportunity to come in. For all the people that come in, they leave here thinking that’s great. We got to be a blessing to people and that’s absolutely what it’s all about.”

Beech Street Bistro is located at 202 Beech St. in Crossett, Arkansas. They're open for Sunday lunch but they are closed on Saturdays.