Fecal bacteria found in Enterprise, LA water system

Published: Jul. 30, 2017 at 6:14 PM CDT
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Fecal bacteria has been found in the town of Enterprise.

The findings come after a group from Tulane University took water samples at a few locations in town back in April. The test results at one of the locations showed the water had more than 400 times the safe amount of Enterococcus - a bacteria that makes its home in the human intestine.

And, it's not the only time. Previous testing found Enterococcus and other bacteria present in two other places in town - Jim Bowie's restaurant, and the Rosin Creek Pentecostal Church.

Dr. Wilma Subra with the Louisiana Environmental Action Network says the bacteria can get in the water system during a breach in the line.

Subra also says fecal matter isn't the only concern. She says the water also has high levels of Trihalomethanes, or TTHM, a cancer-causing chemical that forms when one tries to chlorinate already contaminated water. TTHM can also irritate eyes and skin.

Premature babies, cancer patients and the elderly are prone to getting sick from the compound.

Subra also says there's high levels of Iron and Manganese in the water, which can give it a red, orange, or even blackish tint.

Subra has advised all residents to boil their water until further notice.